Pizzaman, if you had just asked!

On Friday while at work, I took my normal 2 pm stroll down the administrative hall for a candy and caffeine fix. On my way, I stopped by the campus announcement board and checked out what was happening on campus. As my wife works in the Communications department at the same school, I checked for the mandatory “Posted by Communications” stamp required to be on the fliers. For once, they all were stamped.

I continued on toward my sugary reward for a hard day’s work, when I stopped this (right) table display of menus.

I scratched my head as I’ve seen local businesses advertise on our campus before, but my continued walked revealed more of these displays. Six more of these displays to be exact. And refrigerator magnets.
Seriously? Is this how your market yourself? You send an under-paid menu delivery boy out for his daily rounds and instead, dumps his entire stash at a university? You pay him to deliver these menus to households where families will put them on their refrigerators and tempt them on Friday nights. Instead, he put them in the administrative hall of a university. The concept works. But he didn’t put them in the dorms – where the students are!

After checking with the Communications department, I picked up all of the offending displays. In total, seven boxes of full color, glossy menus, and 15 to 20 full color refrigerator magnets. They were everywhere. On the snack room change machine; newspaper stand; job board; library lobby.

I have photographic proof for our security and campus administrative departments. But seriously, ask. If they had asked our residence life directory, I’m sure he would have provided stacks of menus to our resident assistants to hand out to the actual students: The ones who will be ordering the pizzas.

If this were some mom and pop pizzeria I might not feel bitter about their vandalizing our campus, but this is a franchise. A Canadian franchise and they know better. Seriously.

Maybe I should send them a picture of their menus in my trash can.

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