My Duck Fat Fried Birthday

My wife took me to Hot Doug’s for my birthday. I’ve been wanting for quite a while to take the venture up north. Who doesn’t love a good heart stopping birthday present?! Turns out that it was a lot closer than we thought. In fact, we’ve been going to shows for years just down the street and never knew it was this close.

Hot Doug’s has been featured on numerous television shows, podcasts, and documentaries on extreme foods. While Hot Doug’s is a its roots a hot dog stand, it’s far from everyday.

A staple in the area, Hot Doug’s is most notably known for it’s bizarre fare. Their menu is constantly changing with a featured “Game of the Week” and other less common tube shaped meats. During my visit, the Game of the Week was “The Mountain Man Sausage (A Damn Tasty Combination of Buffalo, Venison, Elk and Antelope) with Cassis Mayonnaise and Sartori Raspberry Cheese .”

A little out there for a first time visitor, but appealing for those of us who have consumed our fair share of Chicago dogs. Other meats include a the Thai chicken sausage, a smoked shrimp and pork sausage, and even The Tueben – a corned-beef sausage with Russian dressing, kraut and Swiss cheese. But the most luxurious item that owner Doug Sohn offers is the Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Sel Gris. Yes, he’s serving a fois gras duck sausage.

And what do you do with all the duck fat you have on hand from making duck stuffed sausage? Fry your fries in it of course!

Duck - Fat - Fries
Fresh cut duck fat fries

Yes, Doug has coined Fridays and Saturdays in his humble little stand “Duck Fat Fry Days.” To some, the idea of cooking fresh potatoes in rendered animal fat is little out there. But to me, it’s tasty. Yes, they are.  Compared to the regular fries, they have a rich, earthy flavor. Still crisp and fluffy, they are very satisfying.

Our dinner consisted of  the Elvis (smoked polish sausage) and the Saucisson Alsacienne (bacon sausage). I ordered the Duck Fat Fries, while the wife opted for the more traditional cheese fries. Everything was great. The bacon sausage literally was like eating a mild pork sausage with the full flavor of bacon to cut through the rich cheese. And onions.

Bacon Sausage - Oops.
I couldn’t wait to take a picture. I just ate it
The Evis
The Elvis – Smoked Polish
Is there something in my teeth?
I had a pickle.
TWO Pickles!
The wife had two!

Thanks to my wonderful wife Tasha of Redwall Photo for standing in line (for an hour) with me and taking these pics. Next time, I want at least three animals in my sausage!


Don't look at me!

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