Cake I Say!

Anyone who knows me, knows that there are three things in my life that I couldn’t live without: beer, music and Food Network. Well, I got a chance to combine all three at Double Door with good friends, food and music.

Chicago based Grape Juice Records is celebrating their fifth anniversary of supporting great music regardless of genre. With acts from folk to poprock, Grape Juice decided to celebrate by having a concert.  They booked their roster of artists, and added some special guests. One of their most recent additions to the label is the Baltimore  based …Soihadto…, featuring Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman. His band, along with seven others of the Grape Juice family took the stage.

Highlight of the night? Was it the free beer? No. The three Ace of Cakes stars that each made a musical appearance? No.
(Yes, Duff, Geof and Elena all took the stage that night)

Ace of Cakes: Geof, Aaron and Ves

The highlight, much like any party, was the birthday cake. Ever since I found out that this event was to feature a Charm City Cakes creation, all I wanted was cake. Duncan Hines wouldn’t do. Even birthday cake of my couldn’t compare. It was Ace of Cakes or nothing!
Ace of Cakes for dessert

Needless to say, I got my cake, I meet some of the coolest characters on Food Network, and I even got to help move the birthday cake. I caught …Soihadto…, The Squaaks (featuring Charm City designer Elena Fox) and a rare acoustic performance by personality extraordinaire Geof Manthorne. It was a crazy night, and I loved every minute of it.

Oh, there was free beer too!

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